The Real Problem is Procrastination

Monday morning, you do not feel too inspired at all. All you want to do is skip work because you have a lot of other things on your mind that you would rather do than work on an 8-hour shift for a job you do not like. However, come Saturday morning, all you want to do is avoid the many things you thought of doing over the week by just staying in bed, surfing social media, chatting with friends and sleeping. Sunday night then comes, leaving you unfulfilled and miserable about Monday mornings, and probably your life.

The real problem is procrastination.

procrastination-7Put it this way; try a bit of exercise, even for just 10-20 minutes of jogging. The first five minutes will probably be the toughest you get, but once you step on the sixth minute, you just feel lighter and you have adrenaline rushing all over your body. Once you’re done, tired and breathing hard, you can tell yourself you did something right for once, that you’re thankful you accomplished something.

Accomplishing something releases endorphins in your body, which stimulates the vibrant, positive mood you have. The more you could accomplish something, the more endorphins are released. Sure, you could do this without having to achieve anything through illegal drugs, but it is a different kind of feeling if you knew that what you accomplished was difficult, and you used everything in your power to do it.

Procrastination is a difficult enemy, but if you push harder than you could, you could just get that motivation you need, not just to work yourself out, but to inspire you to do more to validate yourself, your existence and your passion, before Sunday night comes.


Creating a Website

In today’s very competitive business world you need to have as many ways to communicate with your clients and potential clients as possible. A very good and affordable way is to get an online presence, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Even with just a very small web site, what I would call a ‘business card’ web site, you make it easier for people to contact you and often you will look more professional at the same time. You need to make it easier for people to contact you and this is a very good way with more and more people having Internet at home and specially at work.

To get an online presence you have to first get someone to make your site or do it yourself. If you have not done any web site design before I would recommend you using a site template or have someone to design your site. It is very important that your site looks fresh and professional, especially if you want to get new customers.

What is webhosting?

What is it that you really do, what is webhosting? That is one of the many questions I have to answer quite frequently when I tell people what I do for a living. In its most basic form, webhosting is very similar to realestate in the offline world, you rent space on a computer from a hosting provider and start to build your home.

OK, so web hosting is a little more then that too, but the analogy to the offline realeastate world can be drawn again. To be able to connect to the computer you have to have a good connection to the Internet, good roads, paths to the computer for people to come and visit your site (home). If you think about webhosting in this manner you can see that it is really not that difficult and anyone can have their own space on the Internet that they call home.

A webhost provider will deal with all the extra bits that you as a siteowner don’t really have to worry about. All you should be worried about is that your site is easy accessible from anywhere in the world and have a good fast connection, don’t settle for second best, there are a number of very good hosting companies out there that will do a very good job. I and my company,, would like for everyone to come to us for their needs but that is not necessary at all.

In design and in particular with web design, do you think it is important to follow a standard? This question, allthough simple, can have many different answers.

How I see it, having designed a few sites, is that there needs to be a compromise between a graphically intense site and standards. Allthough you can design a site that meets all current standards it might not be necessary to do so 100%. It is also quite difficult to accomplish this because of all the oddities in todays browsers. This is why there are not that many standard compliant websites, since as a designer you should not have to worry or care about how a certain browser renders a page, you should just trust the standard.


Enjoying Draft Beer


There has never ever been a much better time for the globe of beer compared to today. The options you have when it pertains to exactly what you intend to consume is endless. This is a revival for the draft beer industry and one where craft beer drinkers aid sway what breweries generate. Given that the movement of craft beer is grassroots, it’s taken virtually 30 years for beer drinkers to have an option in what they opt to drink. While selection remains generally in liquor, wine, and spirit establishments, lots of establishments are opening up that enable beer enthusiasts to continue to enjoy their craft draft beer in a public setup.

Enter into draft beer bars. The normal bar has been in presence for over ONE HUNDRED years serving fundamental bar meals and a slew of macro made foolishness (light lagers, dull color, no flavor, all fizz). With the renaissance of the beer industry with craft draft beer the normal bar while still relevant is a passing away type. Draft beer bars are turning up left and appropriate and giving your common bar a run for it’s money. Not only are basic bars feeling the competition so are the large macro brewing business, Anheuser Busch, Miller, and Coors that are losing market share to microbreweries.

So just what is a beer bar specifically? Initially appearance, it reminds you of other bar however greater than likely a step up in appearance and quality. While still a bar serving a plethora of spirits these bars vary from the standard because they focus on beer. Not just any kind of draft beer however especially, craft draft beer. Craft draft beer is the other range of draft beer in the Usa, beyond light lagers offered by the macro brewing business. Taste is more vital and shown in really creative ways varying from imperial ales, whisky and wine barrel aging, and developing with strange and unusual seasonings. These are the beers supplied by beer bars.

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When you seek a location to attempt outstanding craft beer a beer bar is what your looking for. They are popping up across the nation and it’s just a matter of finding them. So what are you searching for when your perusing for a location to enjoy a great craft beer? I talked with Tony Maciag the General Supervisor of Euclid Hall Bar and Cooking area in LoDo Denver, and he showed me exactly what he looks for in a draft beer bar. “I really want a spot to go that offers excellent craft beer however doesn’t take themselves as well seriously. You’re offering beer not conserving dying children; have fun with it.” Tony opened Euclid Venue six months back as GM, he has a considerable ambient not simply in great draft beer yet liquor and spirits as well. He’s been a bar supervisor, head bartender, basic supervisor, and now moving into beer consulting for up and coming dining establishments in Denver, Co

. Tony said, “My suggestion of a draft beer bar would have a range of draft beer to select from- not simply on draft however bottle too. I really don’t have a choice regardless but I want to view new draft beers included. If I come in two times a month I wish to know something is new from last visit to now.” Variety is vital! Having the alike beer on tap or in containers and never generating new beer brings about inactive drinking. Sure your regulars have their favorites yet the should check out the beer world and attempt every style, new and aged, will certainly pertain to a jolting quit. You require selection and constant rotation of excellent beers to keep your regulars pleased and generate new consumers via the doors.

With a great deal of variety to pick from at a beer bar you should obtain details to everyone as easily as feasible. I have seen a couple of different draft beer listings, some are simple to check out and some will confuse the hell from you. The finest beer listing I have viewed is that of Euclid Hall, once again the brain child of Tony Maciag; this is a dynamic draft beer list. Tony’s list is done with algebraic headings: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Quantum Mathematics. The idea is to progress through the list from light easy drinking (arithmetic and algebra) and move people towards calculus and quantum maths (greater alcoholic beverages by volume – abv and more artisan design craft draft beer).

Fresh Craft, a draft beer bar down the street from Euclid, showcases their draft beer list the same way a steakhouse would certainly show their wine list. A black leather connected publication dividing their draft beers by styles versus dynamic. A section for stouts, one for IPA’s, another for large format bottles, etc. While it’s a wonderful presentation it will not help someone who does not know a thing about beer, comprehend just what they are taking a look at.

Another idea behind the beer listing must be revealing you all the details you have to understand about the draft beer you’re looking at. The name of the draft beer, brewery, place, style of draft beer, abv, dimension of draft beer, and price needs to be apparent. You ought to know exactly what you are buying, that makes it, where it’s from, what design of draft beer it is, just how huge is the bottle, and the amount of is it going to run you. Seems like a great deal of info however without having everything available, you won’t know what your ready to try; that’s exactly what craft draft beer is all about, taste.

Tony takes place to say, “A fantastic beer bar ought to have not simply an assortment of draft beer to pick from yet they must likewise have a couple of containers that are costly however worth it. If you wish to throw down and commemorate then that option must be available to you. This doesn’t suggest that you have to invest a great deal of cash but it doesn’t mean you can’t.” While most people have constantly seen draft beer as being pretty affordable there are some that push the envelop in the direction of the rates of wine. These beers are indicated to be commemorated given that they are typically very rare, quite high in abv, and quite unique which creates the higher costs.

A fantastic beer bar ought to offer a selection of food as well. Draft beer bars will normally work with in people to run their kitchens and make use of the titles chef and cook de food to backup their menu. The suggestion is to match wonderful meals with terrific beer. An ordinary bar will serve hamburgers, french fries, and some fried food but won’t always serve exceptional food. If your visited a beer bar to take pleasure in terrific beer you additionally want terrific meals to support that draft beer up. You require food that’s suggested to be paired with each draft beer yet the food needs to exist snappy and have charming flavor.

My suggestion of the best beer bar is very close to Tony’s’. I desire a spot where I could go and delight in a beer from anywhere in the globe. I desire a variety of styles to pick from traditional and brand-new. I want bocks, Oktoberfest, royal ales (stouts and IPA’s), barrel matured draft beers, sours, Belgium, and French. I would like to see craft draft beer and nothing but craft draft beer. I really want the very best breweries on the planet showcasing their best draft beer and everything goes to my finger suggestions.

The bar should have a dynamic draft beer listing. If I’m with somebody that doesn’t recognize anything about beer the listing need to help assist them to the ideal choice. The personnel needs to be proficient and contend the very least a Certified Draft beer Server or Cicerone, someone with enough training to strengthen one’s choice or assistance assist them further. The beer list might be separated by draft beer styles however within each classification it need to be done progressively. Lightest on top to the heaviest, greatest abv, or the majority of personality near the bottom.

I would wish the bar to have 15 + beers on touch, 30+ draft beers by the bottle, and 25+ beers on rotation that are rare and extremely designated. I enjoy the idea of big format beer (750ml) that’s implied to be discussed and considers that feel of getting a container of wine; despite the fact that it’s draft beer! I intend to see something costly and rare that only one percent of the worlds population might have the possibility to attempt.

I wish a location where draft beer is taken seriously however the personnel doesn’t take themselves seriously. My idea of a draft beer bar is a 2nd home, a location where I can escape, sign up with good friends, commemorate, or drink entirely by myself. That’s my suggestion of a beer bar.

Next time you going to take pleasure in a draft beer, attempt your neighborhood beer bar. Bars are a dime a dozen but a draft beer bar, a spot that absolutely puts in the time to feature remarkable craft beer and craft meals, that’s valuable. Try a draft beer bar for an excellent start to your trip of not only trying fantastic craft beer and food yet experiencing merely precisely just what a beer bar need to be.

And when you can’t make it to a beer bar, you can always go and pick up a kegerator.  They come in may different varieties, colors, and sizes.  If you are looking for the best kegerator around, click here to visit the best kegerator guide.

You can also find a great bar from your cell phone from this great app.

fox takes dogs toy

Cute Fox Takes Dogs Toy

The helpless dog barks for the toy he has where fox plays freely with his toy. The dog is helpless mainly because he is inside the house watching the fox play from the window.  Dog cries like a toddler cries when his toy has been taken away by someone else. The fox as always very cunning & smart tosses the toy to make the dog jealous and insecure of it.

Dog is feeling jealous that he is not enjoying like the fox is in the cloudy weather outside and the fox roams freely where the dog cannot do the same with the toy.  Fox is typically smaller in size than the dog, now the dog must be thinking that “a creature little than me is outside enjoying while playing with the toy, where as I am caged inside the house and I cannot go out” Pity with the dog.